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Category(-ies): Plants, Food and Medicine

For Raspberries, Ubiquity (at a Price) (New York Times article hosted on AZcentral.com, contains advertisements) discusses the challenges and opportunities of the North American raspberry-growing industry.

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Posted by Daniel Mosquin at 1:33 AM

Scanners, Flowers and Art

Category(-ies): Botanical Art

Photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is a supporter and good friend of UBC Botanical Garden (as an example, he donated his photographic talents as an item for the garden's recent Collectors' Plant Auction).

Alex has recently written an engaging article in The Tyee called Getting Rid of the Box. The piece details Alex's discovery and subsequent use of a flatbed scanner in producing digital images, accompanied with a brief history of photography and a small photo gallery of his work.

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Posted by Daniel Mosquin at 1:03 AM

Flower Mandalas

Category(-ies): Botanical Art

David J. Bookbinder, a Massachusetts artist, transforms images of flowers into mandalas. The results are visually arresting. The physical reality of the flower is maintained in the mandala, but manipulated to reveal new patterns “by painting with light”.

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Posted by Daniel Mosquin at 11:47 AM

Preserving Agricultural Biodiversity

Category(-ies): Plant Conservation , Plants, Food and Medicine

“Thirty thousand vegetable varieties have become extinct in the last century, and one more is lost every six hours”, according to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

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Posted by Eric La Fountaine at 11:05 AM

Kovach Plea Bargains in Orchid Smuggling Case

Category(-ies): Plant Legal News and Issues

James Michael Kovach has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in the case involving the smuggling of a previously unknown to science species of orchid. The unidentified lady-slipper orchid was brought to Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida and later named Phragmipedium kovachii by researchers at Selby. The U.S. Justice Department dropped the felony smuggling charge but brought forth a misdemeanor count of illegal trade, to which Kovach pleaded guilty.

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Posted by Eric La Fountaine at 10:48 AM