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Help Promote the Garden

Kalmia latifolia 'Ostbo Red'

Talk About Us

It is always pleasing when we hear from a visitor that he or she visited the garden after receiving an endorsement from a friend. If you've had an enjoyable experience at the garden, please tell a friend or neighbour or talk about the garden at a community meeting or garden club. Or, if you have a website or weblog, please write about your experiences at the garden and share them with your readers. We appreciate your help in building awareness about the garden and its mission!

Digitalis parviflora

Link to the Website

If you have a web page, please consider linking to the garden website. It's a quick way to share with your readers one of your favourite places - here's how:

<a href="http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/" title="UBC Botanical Garden">UBC Botanical Garden</a>

Acer griseum

Events and Lectures

For events (e.g., Apple Festival) or special guest lecturers, UBC Botanical Garden produces posters to promote the event. Unfortunately, with a geographic area as large as the Lower Mainland, it is difficult to distribute the posters beyond Vancouver and its neighbouring cities. Help us reach a greater audience by printing a poster or two and displaying them in your local community - posters made available on the web site can usually be found in the announcement of the event or lecture on the garden and community news page.

Albuca shawii

Promoting the Forums

UBC Botanical Garden's online gardening forums provide a place where botanical and gardening questions can be discussed with a community of gardening enthusiasts and UBC Botanical Garden staff, researchers and volunteers. If you have a friend or acquaintance with a gardening dilemma or plant problem, refer her or him to the forums. If we're able to answer the question or solve the problem, you'll have your friend's gratitude and we'll have the satisfaction of fulfilling our mission to teach and share.