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RSS Feeds Available from UBC Botanical Garden

General RSS Feeds

UBC Botanical Garden Weblog
This feed is an aggregate of the 7 most recent entries in the UBC Botanical Garden Weblog in all categories. On many pages of the UBC Botanical Garden web site, this RSS feed is used in the right sidebar to display summaries of recent weblog entries.
RSS Feed: UBC Botanical Garden Weblog

Popular RSS Feeds by Category

The UBC Botanical Garden Weblogs also offer RSS feeds by category. This means that if you were building a web site on (for example) plant conservation, you could incorporate entries from only the "Plant Conservation" category of the UBC Botanical Garden Weblog into your site and ignore all other entries.

Plant Conservation
News and links about issues, successes and failures in plant conservation.
RSS Feed: Plant Conservation from UBC Botanical Garden Weblog

RSS feeds are available for all other categories of topics in the weblog, using a similar format to the ones above.