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Helianthus annuus hybrid

Helianthus annuus hybrid

Just the photograph today, folks. This is a hybrid annual sunflower from last autumn in UBC Botanical Garden's Food Garden, photographed at eye level (so the plant was "only" 2m (6 ft.) in height).


dori wright commented:

Wow! It looks like eclipse of the sun.

Arlene commented:

I will pay attention to any photo withoust words or words without photo. Always a treasure!

susan commented:

Hmmm. Eye-level for some. I'd be looking up that flower's nostrils. Lovely nostrils, though!

3Point141 commented:

Eyelevel or otherwise, this is a beautifully photographed Sunflower.

Joy Klein commented:

Fabulous photo! It looks like a Colorado sunset on the prairie! Have a great day everyone. Life is good!

elizabeth a airhart commented:

daniel this looks so good this spinning planet had a hard day
thank you

mona commented:

It's beautiful so much. thanks

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