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Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Provincial Park

I'd intended to show a landscape from Arizona today, but Sarah D. made a request in yesterday's comments for “a picture of somewhere really cold”. Since I don't have anything to share from a trip to Yukon / Alaska eight years ago, I've dug up this photograph from Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Columbia. I hope this scene is cold enough for you, Sarah! This was taken in early August of 2003, before I started to take a deep interest in photography (though I did needlessly haul up a tripod on this hike).

This scene is a good companion to yesterday's photograph, though, since it again shows subalpine fir. This time, however, Abies lasiocarpa is growing in areas that have snow for the majority of the year – the herb meadows and heath meadows of the Mountain Hemlock Zone (PDF).

The large black structure in the top of the photograph is Black Tusk Mountain, a remnant core of basaltic rock that formed within a volcano in the area over 25 million years ago. Outside of the frame of this photograph to the left-centre is where I suspect this photograph of the Black Tusk Meadows was taken.


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your botany photos. I am an Ontario gardener, love flowers and plants in my limited environment, and I find your photos and comments so very interesting. I often click on your links to related articles that are very educational even to a non-biologist. I am learning a lot, such as the illegal poaching of those amazing Mexican rock flowers, and about plants and environments I never knew existed.
Thank you so much!

You're welcome, Alexandra!

I also enjoy this site...I found it while looking up latin names for my field botany class at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

This site is now my homepage =] I learn new latin names everyday!

I posted a site of some pictures I took while out in the field in Illinois...take a look!

live lightly!

Thanks April. Some interesting plants you've photographed!

Daniel, thank you so much for the lovely snowy landscape! Much appreciated.
Best wishes,
Sarah Dixon

Thanks for the beautiful/fantastic photos of Steen Mt (2007) and the landscape in Garibaldi Provincial Park (2006)
It brings back memories of great holidays in BC and a tour of the Rockies many years ago.
I visit this site everyday and really enjoy the plant/flower photos plus the detail and links to other great sites.

Martin Daly

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