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Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Vancouver Jade'

A cultivar registered by UBC Botanical Garden with the Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation and the International Registration Authority.

Quick Facts

UBC Botanical Garden Accession: 11676-0156-1974
Botanical Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Cultivar: 'Vancouver Jade'
Family: Ericaceae
Common Name: Vancouver Jade kinnikinnick or bearberry


The wild species that occurs around the northern hemisphere extends southward in western North America to California. This cultivar was selected by Mr. E.H. Lohbrunner in Victoria, British Columbia, and was obtained in 1974 by the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden.

General Description

A vigorous, evergreen ground cover that uniformly spreads more quickly than the typical form and bears flowers on semi-upright branches.

Soil Requirements

Best in well-drained or sandy soils.


Prefers a sunny location, but is tolerant of light shade.

Disease Resistance

Seems to be more resistant to leaf spots, galls and mildew than wild forms or some other cultivars of the species.

Uses in the Landscape

The vigorous and rapid growth make this an excellent ground cover for banks, berms and other areas, where quick, low cover is needed. Superior in performance and cover to the wild form usually grown. Suitable as a ground cover for the home owner.


Hardy to USDA Zone 4A / Canadian Zone 4A-4B.


Roots best from October to January as nodal cuttings using a rooting hormone of 0.8% IBA in talc. Suitable for rooting in flats or direct sticking into a liner pot. Ensure the cuttings are not stressed prior to rooting and the rooting medium is well drained.

Sales Potential

Shows strong potential as a ground cover for the landscape industry. It establishes itself successfully from a 10 cm liner pot. Also shows potential for the retail market in one-gallon containers due to the lush foliage and attractive pink flowers borne on semi-upright branches.