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Daniel Mosquin

Education and Technology Manager

Professional Biography

Daniel Mosquin

Daniel Mosquin received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1997, specializing in plant taxonomy. He joined UBC Botanical Garden in 2000 and is presently employed as the Education and Technology Manager. Daniel is currently working on the provision of the scientific and archival information at UBCBG for both research and public audiences, using a number of open source technologies and data standards. Many of the plant records at UBCBG are supplemented by Daniel's photography, which aims to document plants both scientifically and aesthetically.

Personal Notes

I grew up on a small farm near Beausejour, Manitoba. Floristically, it is a very diverse area, with elements of the boreal forest, the aspen parkland and the prairie. Our property bordered what was to become the Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area, which also contained the future Libau Bog Ecological Reserve, both of which were created when I was living there. Although I started out as a bird watcher, I gradually became more interested in plants - not surprising considering the diversity outside my door.

My interest in computers was also fostered early. I've been using computers for almost 20 years, although admittedly my younger years were devoted to games. Beginning with my hiring at the garden in March 2000, I've been particularly interested in how to use technology to share the information and knowledge that's been gathered at the garden with researchers, the public and other institutions.

Favourite Plants

There's a reason that Alangium platanifolium was the first photograph on the main page of the garden site for a long time - it's one of my favourite plants; I like its odd flowers to the colour of the fruit against its autumn foliage.

Other plants I favour: In the garden, I particularly like Pinus wallichiana, Cercidiphyllum japonicum and plants in the Styracaceae. Some of the first plants I learned to recognize in Manitoba I am also fond of: Cypripedium reginae, Caltha palustris and Linnaea borealis.

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