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Marketing Contacts

Katie Teed
Marketing and
Communications Manager

T: 604.834.8646


Mailing Address:
6804 Southwest Marine Dr.
Vancouver, BC,
V6T 1Z4

Media & Marketing


Please direct all media enquires to our Marketing & Communications department garden.marketing@ubc.ca, 604.834.8646/604.762.4908. Email communication is preferred for all non-urgent requests.

We can supply high-resolution images, logos, fact check stories, and provide experts to speak on a wide range of topics.

Contact an Expert

Need an expert? The University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research welcomes enquiries from local, national and international media. With over thirty researchers and staff, UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research is an excellent source of botanical, horticultural, plant and gardening knowledge. Contact our marketing and communications department so that we can get you in touch with the expert who best meets your needs.

Photography & Filming Guidelines

Non-Professional Photography

Amateur photographers are welcomed to take photos of the Garden for personal use and enjoyment, but are asked to please observe the rules in our Photography and Filming Guidelines.

We ask all photographers to please honor these policies when using UBC Botanical Garden:

  • No commercial photography allowed without prior permission. Commercial photographers contact our marketing and communication department with enough time for us to evaluate your proposal.
  • Please stay on the pathways at all times.
  • Keep all equipment (including tripods) on pathways. Also ensure that you do not block any walkways or garden areas while taking photographs.
  • Please remain conscious and respectful of other visitors. Refrain from any behavior that may directly interfere with their garden experience.
  • Please do not climb trees or enter our water features.
  • Please do not pick, rearrange, move plant life, or hang props from trees.
  • The Garden assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to equipment.

UBC Botanical Garden maintains the right to adjust these policies to reflect the best interests of the Garden and the general public.

Professional Photography

UBC Botanical Garden reviews requests for photography on a case-by-case basis. Any photographer who intends to use images of the garden for commercial or promotional purposes must obtain written consent from our marketing and communications department. At a minimum a photo location credit will be required for photo use, unless otherwise negotiated. Please review the UBC policy for filming (which includes commercial photograhy) before contacting us.

Any photographer who intends to use images of UBC Botanical Garden or Nitobe Memorial Garden for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes is required to pay the garden for usage. This fee will be negotiated with the marketing and communication department. Without payment of the fee and/or application approval, it is strictly forbidden to sell or use images taken of the UBC Botanical Garden, Nitobe Memorial Garden or our logo for commercial or promotional activities, which include but are not limited to publishing; marketing; educational materials; products and retail merchandise; general and web advertising; broadcast; or any situation where the photographer is paid for the use of the image. Email us to request a photography shoot in our gardens.

Professional Filming

The grounds of UBC Botanical Garden are also available for filming with written permission and the provision that the conditions of the policy for filming on the UBC campus are met. Contact our marketing and communications team for more information.

Request an image

High quality images of plants, our gardens, events, community outreach activities and our logo are all available to appropriate publications and media outlets. To evaluate your request we need to know about you and how you intend to use the material if provided. Please fill out this form to submit your request.

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