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March 5, 2009

Catkin Walk

The February 11, 2009 Walk and Learn for the Friends of the Garden was on the topic of catkins. These are some of the plants we encountered and ideas we discussed:

Food Garden

Native Garden

Alpine Garden

Discussion on convergent evolution: the process whereby organisms that are not closely related, evolve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments. A good example of this is the catkin and the cone.

The following file can be viewed if you have Google Earth installed. It includes the locations of the plants we discussed as well as photographs by Randal Mindell. Google Earth Map of Catkin Walk (KMZ file)

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February 10, 2009

Winter Buds

Here are some photographs taken by Randal Mindell during a Friends of the Garden Walk n' Learn on Wednesday morning, January 28. I invited Randal along since he needed to become familiar with the new camera as part of his main job.

Although it was a cold morning, we had a look at the following buds: Ruscus hypoglossum, brussel sprouts, Petasites albus (just emerging from the ground!), Cladrastis kentukea, Quercus macrocarpa, Sorbus decora, Aesculus octandra, Quercus garryana, Acer pensylvanicum, Fraxinus americana 'Royal Purple', Rhus typhina and Cornus kousa.

Acer pensylvanicum: note the stalked buds, typical of the snakebark maples.


Aesculus octandra: just plain cool.


Cornus kousa: these buds are described as turbinate -- wonder why?


Fraxinus americana 'Royal Purple': in the second photograph, note how the branches flatten at the buds.


Rhus typhina:


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January 14, 2009

Winter Damage To Date

I took some Friends of the Garden (FOGs) around the garden early this morning to examine a bit of the winter damage caused by the cold and heavy snowfall of the preceding few weeks. Many thanks to the horticulturists who suggested highlights to visit. Also, a thank you to the FOG "tour volunteers" for recording notes, typing them, and seeking feedback / suggestions for future tours.

For this week, I was both the tour guide and videographer, so the video isn't as dynamic as I hope it will be in future postings. Anyway, here's the video snippet of some of the tour:

Here are a few notes (as compiled by one of the tour attendees) from this first FOGs Walk n' Learn.

Location 1: Courtyard & Fence just east of the shop plant centre -- off the main walkway

Location 2: Moon Gate

Location 3: Food Garden

Location 4: Physic Garden

Location 5: Alpine Garden

The scent of, possibly, the Azara was very pleasant and strong and the Anna's male hummingbird and his friends were very much in evidence around their favourite grevillea.

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August 28, 2008

Visit from a Barred Owl

I received a call yesterday @ 10:30am from David Grieser, the garden supervisor, that a barred owl was hanging out near the moon gate in the Asian Garden.

Heading over there with camera in tow, I took a few photographs before heading back and reporting to the fine folks at the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) that we might have an injured owl in the garden. The drooping right wing and some aberrant behaviour (allowing people to approach it and occasionally sitting on the ground) hinted to me that something wasn't quite right.

The animal care people at OWL suggested that it might have a bruised or broken wing:

If bruised, I was told it should recover eventually. In the meantime, staff are keeping an eye out for the owl to help ensure it is perched in trees, etc.

If the wing is broken, I was told that the owl will eventually weaken to the point where it can be captured and sent for care and rehab. It will be found on the ground and unable to fly to a perch.

So, the staff are keeping an eye out for the owl now (it went into hiding as of late yesterday afternoon). If you're visiting the garden and you spot it on the ground or appearing to be in some difficulty, do inform a staff member, so one of us can investigate and call OWL if the owl is in need of care. Thank you!

barred_owl1.jpg barred_owl2.jpg

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