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July 8, 2007 : Tom Barber says...

http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/gardenblog/P1030393-thumb.jpg http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/gardenblog/P1030399-thumb.jpg http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/gardenblog/P1030404-thumb.jpg http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/gardenblog/P1030407-thumb.jpg http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/gardenblog/P1030409-thumb.jpg

"If you can't mow it, don't grow it!"

Visitors to the UBC Botanical Garden will probably recognize Tom right away. He has been with the garden for quite a while and works hard to keep all of the turf areas looking terrific. Tom certainly has a passion for his work. I'm not sure if his motto fits with the garden's collections policy, but it always makes me laugh when he says it.

Posted by Andy Hill at July 8, 2007 7:14 PM

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