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Old August 28th, 2005, 08:34 AM
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moving and want to take a piece of blue spruce tree to grow in new location

I am moving from Michigan to Tennessee. About 10 years ago a friend gave me a blue spruce tree that I planted in my back yard. (looked like a twig at the time). He said that he had cut it off from another tree and grew it that way. I would like to take a piece of this tree to plant at my new location. Any ideas?

Thank you, Ken M
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Old August 28th, 2005, 09:33 AM
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Re: moving and want to take a piece of blue spruce tree to grow in new location

Ken--some spruces can be rooted in summer, unlike most conifers which only work with hardwood cuttings in winter after a frost or two. It's a bit late for these "softwood" cuttings, but too early to try the hardwoods, so just try several now and hopefully one or more will take for you. If your friend was successful, you have a tree that will root and grow properly from cuttings (not all blue spruce varieties do, but some are selected specifically to be cutting propagated rather than grafted).

I would use the strongest rooting hormone, and stick the cuttings in pure coarse sand for rooting. I would also keep them in constant deep shade, with a humidity dome over them cracked open just a bit to avoid fungus problems on the needles. Use only the present year's growth, don't cut into last years wood as this would be much less likely to sprout any roots.

If these cuttings don't take, try some in early winter if you still have time before moving. And I wouldn't throw away the first batch too quickly, as long as they stay alive in the sand, it sometimes takes 6 mos. to start to root.

Good luck with em,
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