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Gymnosperms (incl. Conifers) Conifers and relatives (cycads, Ginkgo and Gnetum) - Growing, Propagation, Identification, Appreciation and more!

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Old December 5th, 2011, 03:17 PM
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Identify these fir trees please!

Hello, everyone. I need some help identifying these uncommon Abies species The first tree I received as Abies squamata, and I am doubting its authenticity. Please either confirm or deny the allegations of its "squamata-hood."

beginnings of flaky bark?
a close-up of the buds and quite sharp needles..
a branch:
a close-up of the needles and branchlets:
the undersides of the needles:

This final fir tree was purchased as Abies gamblei which I have also seen listed as Abies pindrow var. brevifolia. In my opinion, the tree does not resemble Abies pindrow that closely, and I believe it should be classified as its own species. Please let me know what you think this fir tree may be.

the whole tree:
a close-up of the buds: quite resinous
the twigs are quite orange and the needles are the darkest green I have seen on a fir tree.
The needles have very prominent white bands on the undersides of the thick, dark green, blunt-tipped needles:

Thank you for your help in identifying these special trees.

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Old December 5th, 2011, 03:57 PM
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Re: Identify these fir trees please!

First one looks most like Abies holophylla - not the first time I've seen this labelled as other Abies species, grown from seed imported from China. Some of the Chinese seed merchants seem to stick all sorts of inaccurate names on their seeds, unfortunately.

Second is Abies forrestii or a close relative. Certainly not A. gamblei, which is very different to that.
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