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Old June 5th, 2008, 11:46 AM
RoyRuppert01 RoyRuppert01 is offline
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New Grape plants and brown leaves

I am new to growing grapes, I have purchsed 2 Green seedless grape plants, 2 Seedless concord plants and 1 Seedless MARS. I planted these grape plants in Feb/march. And they looked to be growing fast. Now it seems they have stoppped growing and the leaves are turning brown. I have given them plant food back in April (Miraclegrow). I was watering them every day til May and then every other day I am now watering them onece a day for 15 minutes. Am I doing something wrong?? I built a trellis (using 2x4's and twine) With the twine I place each level aproximately 2 feet apart on top. The MARS plant made it to the second layer of twine and stopped now the leaves from the bottom 3/4 was up looks to appear dead. Do I prune these? The top section of the plant seems to look to be turning brown also but not quite. The other plants don't seem to be sprouting up but do have a lot of green leaves and brown leaves on them. Any suggestion or help will be appreciated.

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Old June 5th, 2008, 04:33 PM
Ralph Walton Ralph Walton is offline
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Re: New Grape plants and brown leaves

Are you in clay soil? I suspect over watering. I have areas of clay/rock "soil" and I water about 25 gallons per plant over 24 hours at 1 gph once a week. On new plants, I water every 3-4 days about 12 gallons over 12 hours (drip irrigation). I check those plants every couple of days by digging about a foot away from the plant to a full shovel depth, but they rarely need more. A related problem in clay soil is an amended planting hole acting like a pot with no drain.

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