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Old January 21st, 2004, 03:35 PM
Gary Fast Gary Fast is offline
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walnut cultivar

I am hoping that you can shed some light on a family mystery. About 52
years ago after the '48 flood of the Fraser River my father-in-law
started a replanting of his dairy farm on Matsqui Prairie. One of the
trees that he planted was a walnut tree that was given to him at that
time by a fellow (now deceased) who was a member of the local
"Horticulturist Society". Needless to say the tree has done very well
over the years but I am doing some research for him (he's legally blind
and still living on the home site) as to the origin of the tree. The
only thing that we have to go by is the metal tag that came attached to
the tree. It is a thin aluminum tag, cut by hand, crudley at that, with
the number "1335" hand written on it. The tree is an excellent producer
with many large nuts every year. My other research has only pointed in
the direction that this may be a New Zealand cultivar. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Gary Fast
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