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Old August 6th, 2009, 09:34 AM
honolua honolua is offline
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What the hell ate my musa???!!!!

HELP! I have never had this happen before!!!!!. I have had musa basjoo in the ground in my garden for over two years. This year, I added 2 sikkimensis, one big and one small. They have been in the ground for months now. As my garden begins to really take off, I awake this morning to find my larger sikkimensis pushed over and eaten! It's like a musa bloodbath out there! The stalk of both big and small was ravaged, and leave bits are everywhere in my yard, as far away as 10-12 feet. Something(s) has knawed right through it all! As well, one of my lower fronds off the phoenix canariensis has had the tip broken off and scattered! At first, I thought: "RAT", but that must be one hell of a rat. We do have many skunks in the neighbourhood, with almost nightly scents of one late at night as the breeze wafts in through the windows. We also have the occasional pack of raccoons wander through. In any case, I am tempted to think a raccoon or two may have eaten through the stalk, then some leaves, as the sweet smell attracted them? There have been many bees buzzing around them lately too. Attached are crime scene pictures. I apologize that they are a bit blurry and rotated wrong, but you will get the idea.... What do people think as I am here in the pacific northwest. My yard is enclosed, and I am not up on the north shore, so no bears. I am very concerned that they will come back! I will put out some "critter ridder" pepper-based repelant, but what else can I do? It is most bizarre and I don't know how I slept through it either, especially since the gigantic back yard flood light would have come on as it sensed them/it-----the beasts! I am so mad!
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Old August 6th, 2009, 10:20 AM
honolua honolua is offline
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Location: Vancouver, Canada
Posts: 109
Re: What the hell ate my musa???!!!!

It's me again.....I just read on Bananas.org that squirrels go after bananas.....is this true? Wow..that could be it to huh? We do have lots of squirrels around here....fluffy rats that they are!
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