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Mailing Address
6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver

British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z4

Botanical Garden Greenhouses/Workshop/Nursery
3463 Ross Drive, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z4

Please email our website administrator Daniel Mosquin

General Inquiries

Main Gatehouse (open early March 1 March 15-November 15)
E: garden.admissions@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4208

Nitobe Gatehouse (open early March 15 April 1-October 31)
E: garden.nitobe@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.6038

Gennesse Langdon
Front Desk
E: garden.info@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.3928
F: 604.822.2016

Amber Magnus
Facility Rentals
E: garden.bookings@ubc.ca
T: 604.827.0670
F: 604.822.2016

Tamara Litke
School Field Trip Bookings & Volunteering
E: For Programs: garden.programs@ubc.ca 
E: For volunteering: garden.volunteer@ubc.ca
T: 604.827.3907
F: 604.822.2016

Shop in the Garden  
E: shop.garden@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4529
F: 604.822.1514

HORTLINE (Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12-3pm)
T: 604.822.5858
Note: If you call us outside of these hours, please feel free to leave us a message, and we would be happy to reply to your questions during the times listed above.

Giving to the Garden (donations)
Faculty of Science, Development Office
E: giving@science.ubc.ca
T: 604.822.3404
F: 604.822.2391

Horticulture Training Program
E: garden.htp@ubc.ca
T: 604.690.4405

Administrative Staff  

Gennesse Langdon
Administrative Assistant
E: garden.info@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.3928

Jennifer Douglas-Mills
Administrative Manager
E: garden.admin@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4186

Amber Magnus
Events Coordinator
E: garden.bookings@ubc.ca
T: 604.827.0670

June Woodward
Shop in the Garden Manager
E: shop.garden@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4804

Dr. Tara Moreau
Associate Director, Sustainability & Community Programs
E: tara.moreau@ubc.ca
T: 604.690.5375

Katie Teed
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communication
E: katie.teed@ubc.ca
T: 604.834.8646
Please visit the media & marketing section prior to contact for instructions and guidelines for all media, marketing, photography, film shoots, image requests, donations and sponsorship requests.

Iain Taylor
Special Projects
E: iain.taylor@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.0416

Patrick Lewis
Garden Director
E: patrick.lewis@ubc.ca
T: 604.862.5805

Curators, Collections and Horticulture Staff  

Douglas Justice
Associate Director, Horticulture and Collections
E: douglas.justice@ubc.ca
T: 604.690.4405

David Grieser
Garden Supervisor
E: david.grieser@ubc.ca
T: 604.690.3895
Andy Hill
Asian Garden Curator
E: andy.hill@ubc.ca

Brent Hine
Alpine Garden Curator
E: brent.hine@ubc.ca

Tony Maniezzo
Native Collections Curator
E: tony.maniezzo@ubc.ca

Kevin Kubeck
Nursery Supervisor
E: kevin.kubeck@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4801

Eric Lafountaine
Accessions Technician
E: e.lafountaine@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.0969

Research Staff  

Daniel Mosquin
Research Manager
E: daniel.mosquin@ubc.ca
T: 604.827.5773

Sean Graham
Research Director
E: sean.graham@ubc.ca
T: 604.822.4816

Emergency & UBC Contacts  

T: 911
Campus Security  
T: 604.822.2222

First Aid  
T: 604.822.4444

RCMP (non-emergency)  
T: 604.224.1322

Wescadia Catering  
T: 604.822.2018

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