Nitobe Physical Archive


The Nitobe Memorial Garden archive of materials is located in the Campbell Building reading room at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. Researchers wishing to access the archive are encouraged to call the main office of the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research at 604-822-3928 to schedule an appropriate time.


A - Photographs and Drawings
A-1 30 enlarged and mounted photos of Nitobe Memorial Garden history taken from originals at UBC Library Archives (Main Library) and used at May 1994 re-opening.  
A-2 5 sketches of the garden after 1993 renovations (mounted).  
A-3 6 original photographs of lanterns 1, 2, and 3, and views of the garden. Undated, circa 1960.  
A-4 5 original photographs of visitors to the 30th anniversary celebrations, May 1990.  
A-5 1 enlarged reproduction of photo of a lantern.  
A-6 11 original photographs of Nitobe Memorial Gardens lanterns with locations and descriptions. Dated November 1977.  
A-7 1 postcard of Nitobe Memorial Lantern. Undated.  
A-8 121 slides, various scenes and dates.  
A-9 2 videos (VHS) "The Nitobe Garden" 1984, approx. 17 minutes.  
A-10 12 original, large photographs of fish released in Nitobe Memorial garden pond.  
A-11 1 video (BETA) "The Nitobe Garden" 1984.  
A-12 Framed photograph of Dr. Nitobe.  
A-13 20 original black & white photos and negatives, undated. (circa 1960?).  
A-14 Photo of Nitobe lantern in original setting and letter.  
A-15 40 mounted photos and captions, used in May 1984 exhibition.  
B – Guestbooks
B-1 Guestbook 1960-1992.  
B-2 Guestbook 1989-1992.  
B-3 Guestbook 1991-1992.  
B-4 Guestbook 1994-1999.  
C - Architectural Plans
C-1 Plans from 1959-1960.  
C-2 Plans from 1992-1994.  
D - Reference Material
D-1 Nitobe Gardens and Gardener.  
D-2 Timeline, Biography, History.  
D-3 Philosophic themes including Tea Ceremony.  
D-4 Nitobe Garden maps and descriptions.  
D-5 Books and Articles.  
D-6 Nitobe Archive Project Notes.  
D-7 Dead Files 1974-1990.
E - Gate Materials
E-1 Guide's Guides.  
E-2 Handouts, various languages.  
F - Miscellaneous
F-1 Renovations materials.  
F-2 1985 unveiling of Nitobe Crest Lantern.  
F-3 Nitobe Memorial Garden Programmes for various occasions.  
F-4 1994 International Symposium Proceedings.  
F-5 2 copies of Davidsonia Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 1970.  
F-6 Miscellaneous.  
F-7 Original magazine articles pertaining to NMG.  
F-8 Mounted information posters used in 1984 exhibition.  
F-9 Miniature model of Tea House.  

Nitobe Memorial Garden Audioguide Records

G-1 Nitobe audioguide scripts (drafts and final versions of English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, French, German and Spanish)  
G-2 Nitobe audioguide interview notes  
G-3 Nitobe audioguide book notes  
G-4 Nitobe audioguide miscellaneous notes  
G-5 Nitobe audioguide planning files  
G-6 2x TourMate backup CDs for Nitobe audioguide  
G-7 2x Complete project backup DVDs for Nitobe audioguide

Poetry- Haikus
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